8 Mile Smoke Products and Why They're the Best in the Industry

Today, the smoke shop industry is becoming busier and more popular now, more than ever. So when it comes to being a preferred wholesaler to smoke shops it can be a competitive market, unless you’re the best in the business. Building multiple relationships with different smoke shops nationwide is quite a task, but after much consistency and good customer service establishing and keeping a large client base becomes the main goal. This is while 8 Mile Smoke is the best wholesaler for smoke shops nationwide.

8 Mile Smoke is a wholesale supplier with over 3,500 items in their inventory. At 8 Mile Smoke, we serve our items in bulk to smoke shops, dispensaries and vape shops all around the country. With over 30 years of experience in the business, 8 Mile Smoke is still ever evolving their knowledge and experience to this growing industry.

So what makes 8 Mile Smoke the best wholesaler to sell to the many businesses in this industry?

Today, we’ll be sharing the top three reasons on what makes a good smoke shop wholesaler, and how 8 Mile Smoke has implemented all of these traits.

8 Mile Smoke Offers Over a Variety of Items in Bulk

Can you imagine if you were placing an order and had over 1,000 items to order from? How about 2,000? At 8 Mile Smoke they have over 3,500 products in their inventory for smoke shops to choose from. Their inventory includes many different products such as rolling papers, trays, torches, grinders, vape products, glass pipes, storage solutions, grinders, scales, torches and batteries to name a few. 8 Mile Smoke carries quality and trusting brands such as Blazer, Clipper, RAW, V-Syndicate, Scorch and many more. 

Additionally, because of the success of their large network of customers across the United States, they were able to create their own brand of smoke products under the name STR8. The very own wholesaler’s product line includes different cases, glass, grab bags, grinders, roll kits, rolling trays, vapes and other essentials.

By having a wide variety and large product line 8 Mile Smoke has been able to satisfy their customers. This is a very important feature to being the best wholesaler for smoke shops.


Unique User Friendly Customer Experience

On top of having over many different products to offer to customers, 8 Mile Smoke also provides a unique user-friendly experience for every single one of their customers. This experience includes a user-friendly catalog to sort through their products that is organized by product type or by brand. The catalog also includes full pictures with pricing so it makes it easy for registered customers to place their order without any questions.There is also free shipping on all qualifying orders over $1,000, and  all orders are filled on the same or next business day after it is received which makes for a speedy fulfillment, something that is extremely important to smoke shops nationwide.


8 Mile Smoke Caterers to Their Customers

When it comes to keeping a large network of a trusted customer base, exceeding your customer’s expectations by catering to their needs is the most important thing. Providing standard-quality service is no longer enough to attract and maintain customers in the wholesale smoke shop industry, which is why 8 Mile Smoke switched their gears to stand out from all of the other wholesalers in this market. Here are some ways 8 Mile Smoke has determined customer expectations which has helped them stand out from their competition.

  • Listening to feedback from their customers. Any business will have positive and negative feedback, but by taking both into consideration is what will make you succeed in any industry.
  • The 8 Mile Smoke team has done endless amounts of research on other products and brands in order to supply their customers with the best in the business. With the amount of products in bulk that they sell...that research took a while.
  • Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t work is extremely important. At 8 Mile Smoke they’ve taken note over the last 30 years they’ve been in the business to realize what works, what doesn’t and what may need to change since this industry is ever evolving.

Meeting, exceeding and keeping customer expectations is quite a challenge but it’s why 8 Mile Smoke is the best wholesaler for smoke shops all over the United States.








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